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The Future is Looking Bright in 2024

Updated: Feb 1

Hello fellow Nevadans. We are excited that 2024 is off to a great start and we remain optimistic and focused on the task ahead of us. We need to pick up seats in the Assembly in order to get out of the super minority and protect our Republican Governor's veto.

Here's what we've been up to this month

Working with the Governor

We are proud of our Republican Governor, Joe Lombardo and could not be more grateful and excited that he has endorsed all returning, incumbent members of our Caucus.

We will continue to fight for his agenda in Nevada. Business friendly principles that promote a strong economy and personal liberty are as important as ever.

School Choice week

During the month of January, the Governor made his proclamation to declare School Choice week. Our members adamantly support this important policy that has the potential to transform the lives of students and families across Nevada.


Out in the Community

Assembly members are out in the community working for YOU every day. Whether it be community events, coffee klatches with constituents, and everything else going on in our great state, our members want to hear from YOU.

Law enforcement Appreciation Day

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was January 9th. Support for our brave men and women in law enforcement is a top priority for us. We back the blue every day, any way we can.

Interim Committee Appointments

The 2023/24 interim committees are in full swing and we will keep you up to date on everything that happens in the various committees on our social media and in this newsletter. To see which members sit on which committees, please click this link

We want to hear from YOU. Please send us you questions, comments and concerns to

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a two tiered system is at the expense of tax paying Nevadans, focus on making public education a priority.

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