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The Assembly Republican Caucus in Nevada is busy fighting FOR you. We fight against destructive policies that hurt Nevada families and FOR positive policies that provide liberty, opportunity, and growth for all individuals and families throughout Nevada.

We are PRO Education and FOR Educational Freedom. 

The Assembly Republican Caucus of Nevada is are committed to exploring what works and what does not.  Republicans in Nevada are on a mission to fix and improve our education system in Nevada and improve the quality of education for our children. 



We are PRO People and FOR Prosperity

The Assembly Republican Caucus of Nevada defines every bill and piece of legislation by the opportunities they either prevent or create. Assembly Republicans stand FOR individual rights, civil liberties, freedoms, opportunity, and access. Republicans in Nevada want everyone to have the same opportunity and to protect their rights as individuals to make their own decisions. When we threaten one individual’s rights or liberties, we threaten them all.



We are PRO growth and FOR a strong Nevada economy


The Assembly Republican Caucus of Nevada knows that Growth is Good! Assembly Republicans in Nevada are working to create better opportunities for workers by recruiting more businesses to Nevada.  Republicans want to create a climate that businesses and families want to be a part of and can thrive in.  Assembly Republicans will invest in the brightest minds and listen to the business community rather than penalizing them and focus on long term solutions rather than short term problems and stop kicking the can down the road.

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